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About Me

I am a San Francisco City gal through and through! I love the diversity the city has to offer; from its rich nightlife, art exhibits, music, fashion, clubs, to its raw talent waiting to be discovered. Even in my teen years I have always wanted to create and produce events. My entrepreneurial spirit has guided me to work with a variety of artists. The experience of putting together the right people with the right venues is like magic! I love being part of making “IT” happen for those who have a vision.

Success comes from passion and it is this passion that I bring to all my endeavors, from producing nightlife events to working with local artists. I have done marketing and promoting in San Francisco since 2008. I not only have facilitated venue openings, but in 2009 had the pleasure to work with a private party investor where I produced a successful Cabernet Sauvignon Commodore Yacht party hosted by the Asian American Pageant.

In 2010 I joined Hope Flight Foundation as one of their Board of Directors. Hope Flight is a non-profit foundation that transports (via plane) children with life threatening illnesses from their homes to hospitals for urgent care. I have aided Hope Flight in marketing and event planning as well as overseeing all aspects of event promotions and venue scouting. Children have always been a very important part of my life and I believe charity begins with them.

San Francisco’s Lymphoma and Cancer Society nominated me as a candidate for “Woman of the Year” in 2011. I was working closely at the time with Mike Kim (who suggested my nomination) on various fundraisers for  Kamala Harris (District Attorney of San Francisco running for Attorney General of California), Glide Memorial Church and the San Francisco 60th Annual Firefighters Ball. Unfortunately because of my brother’s passing I was not able to continue campaigning.

In this world of fast food mentality I am a home cooked meal. I strive to work with my clients in a professional yet down to earth way where their needs are always considered. I closely work with each individual and create a customized experience suited for him or her. I bring all the right players together and serve as a conduit for their success. Making a difference is what drives me, whether it is to fund-raise for a good cause or to create a magical evening for people to enjoy, I am dedicated to giving it my ALL always.